The 6th International Anglo-Indian Reunion 2004 - A Blast from the Past?

Gloria Moore & Patricia McGready


The Anglo-Indian Reunion held in Melbourne this year was a most successful and memorable event that was enjoyed immensely by those who attended.  It was a splendid opportunity to renew family bonds and friendships and meet new and interesting people from the world over.  It was a time when we demonstrated our unity and a strong commitment to our community as we celebrated our group identity with enthusiasm and confidence.  However, there were some major concerns about the emergence, in several media releases, of disturbing and inaccurate views regarding Anglo- Indian identity and culture that need to be addressed.  Three misleading media reports in as many weeks {The Age, 5.1.04, ABC Radio Australia, 9.1.04 and SBS Radio World View 29.1.04, www.} beg a response to set the record straight, a record built upon the collective experiences and lives of our unique cultural group.

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