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Welcome to the third edition of the International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies. The present edition of the journal begins with a piece by Dr. Ann Lobo who discusses two groups of Anglo-Indians that are being assisted by the Indian government in the areas of education and jobs. Part of the cost of this assistance has been their willingness to accept the label "backward".

The second article is by Glenn D'Cruz who discusses the various types of racial arguments used in the social sciences. He also discusses some of the racial arguments that are being put by an Australian politician in her attempt to put in place a White Australia policy.

The third article is by Professor Roy Dean Wright. Professor Wright conducted research dealing with the Anglo-Indians in the 1960s and 1970s, he is once again returning to this research area. In his recent work he discusses the problems that are being experienced by the Anglo-Indians living in rural India in maintaining their culture and identity.

Lastly, we have a research note by Simon Colquhoun. Simon recently completed his honours project in which he examined well-being of Anglo-Indians in Australia. 

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