An Interview With Blair Williams: Publisher of Anglo-Indian Literature and Founder of Calcutta Tiljalah Relief (Ctr), an Anglo-Indian Charity


  • Rudy Otter


Blair Williams international Anglo-Indian philanthropist and publisher is a well-known figure in the Anglo-Indian community. Mention his name and people will say "he's the guy who does a great of charity work for disadvantaged Anglo-Indians, young and old, in India." So concerned was he about non-Anglo writers stereotyping the community with negative images that he resolved to do something about it by setting up his own publishing company, CTR Books, in the United States where he lives. His aim was not only to set the record straight by portraying Anglo-Indians fairly and accurately but to send proceeds from the books to his India-based charity helping Anglo-Indians in India. Here he talks about his life and books to Anglo-Indian journalist, columnist and fiction writer RUDY OTTER.