Book Notes


  • Lionel Lumb


It’s very pleasing to see the outpouring of Anglo-Indian literature in recent years shows no signs of abating. Historically, the community has suffered from inaccurate and inadequate portrayal in the past, and that’s putting it mildly. Much of that writing has ranged from the simply ignorant to the deliberately pejorative. So the more Anglo-Indians write about ourselves – from our unique, insider point of view – the better. Setting the record straight is valuable not only for the present generation, with its memories and documentation reaching back many decades, but for future ones so they have a treasure trove to dig into and enjoy. At the same time, while we record the riches of the way we were, it’s probably just as important to reflect on the way we are: it would be wonderful to see more written about our present-day roles in both India and our new homelands around the world.






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