Anglo-Indian Representation in the Indian Parliament


  • Vishwajeet Deshmukh
  • Ketayun Mistry


The 104th Constitutional (Amendment) Act, 2019 to the Constitution of India discontinued the nomination of Anglo-Indians in the Indian Parliament by amending Article 334 of the Constitution. The reason for discontinuance of the nomination was that the decreased Anglo-Indian population consisted of only 296 people as per the 2011 Indian Census and that the Anglo-Indian community’s socio-economic status had significantly improved. However, the Parliament has turned a blind eye to the legislative intent of the drafters of the Indian Constitution, and Report of the Fact-Finding Team of the Ministry of Minority Affairs (2013). This article explores the efficacy of representation by nomination of the Anglo-Indian community in the Indian Parliament, and the contours of the arguments towards repeal of this reservation. The article further suggests possible alternatives to ensure democratic representation of the community to voice its needs and further development.

Keywords: Anglo-Indian, representation, constitutional amendment, minority, Indian Parliament