Locating Indianness in the Works of Anglo-Indian Fiction Writers


  • Shyamasri Maji Assistant Professor in English - Durgapur Women’s College, Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol, iWest Bengal, India


This essay situates Anglo-Indian fiction into the corpus of Indian English Fiction and discusses the fictional works produced by writers of the Anglo-Indian community in India and the diaspora. The diasporic writers here considered are in the tradition of Indian English Fiction. This essay studies the works of these well- known and less well-known writers of the Anglo-Indian community through the theoretical frame of ‘Indianness,’ which is seen in relation to the concept of ‘historical sense.’ It reviews the tradition of writing Indian fiction in English and examines the dialogue of Anglo-Indian fiction writers with the colonial and post-colonial trends in Indian English Fiction of representing Indianness while misrepresenting Anglo-Indians.