• Robyn Andrews and Brent Otto


This general issue of the journal presents three different articles respectively dealing with migration in the mid-twentieth century, the formation of identity of contemporary young Anglo-Indians, and the demographic study of Anglo-Indians in West Bengal today.  Rochelle Almeida’s article addresses the causes and nature of “first wave” Anglo-Indian migration to the UK, by reading her extensive interviews with Anglo-Indian migrants against theories of post-colonial migration.  Walter Parker shares his reflections about the formation of identity and a sense of cultural belonging for young Anglo-Indians in India today, and the central role that education plays. Robyn Andrews presents a report of selected findings on an extensive demographic survey of the Anglo-Indians of West Bengal.


The forthcoming issue will be a collection of articles on recent research about Anglo-Indians in small towns, those not living in the major metropolitan cities of the subcontinent.  We are excited to present this work on a sector of the Anglo-Indian community that has not received adequate scholarly attention.