Diasporic Anglo-Indians in Australia, Canada, New Zealand And The UK: A Review of The Scholarly Literature


  • Catherine Rivera


This literature review discusses the experiences of Anglo-Indians who formed diasporic groupings in Britain, Australia and Canada after moving from India from 1947 onwards. I trace the paths that Anglo-Indian migrants took and examine generalized experiences common to Anglo-Indians worldwide and how Anglo-Indians conceive of the concepts of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’. It also discusses how transnationalism has come to define Anglo-Indian culture and how Anglo-Indians were affected by experiences of racism and not being ‘white enough’ as well as the effects of being a visible, yet invisible, cultural group outside of India.

By drawing on specific Anglo-Indian diaspora experiences, I argue that overall Anglo-Indians have successfully integrated into their new countries, while maintaining many of the unique aspects of Anglo-Indian culture. The current question for the Anglo-Indian diasporic community is what will the future entail, and how will young Anglo-Indians engage with and shape Anglo-Indian culture?