Vol. 23 No. 2 (2023): Special Issue: Three Scholars Re-View Three Short Films by Glenn D'Cruz

This special issue of the journal focusses on three short films written and produced by literary and theatre studies scholar, Glenn D’Cruz. Glenn is the author of Midnight’s Orphans (2006), a work that is recognised as a significant contribution to scholarship on Anglo-Indians. He has also produced a number of films which reflect on aspects of Anglo-Indian experience and creative representations about Anglo-Indians. This special issue introduces readers to three of his films, via his own introduction, and offers a critical response from three scholars each of whom engages with one of these films in a separate article. The films are presented in the order in which they were produced, beginning with Re-Viewing Cotton Mary (2002) and addressed in an article by Priya Alphonsa Mathew. A Passage from India: Anglo-Indians in Victoria (2004) is presented next and critically interpreted by Keith Butler. D'Cruz's work moved in other directions for a number of years but returned to the theme of Anglo-Indian experiences in his 2022 film, Vanitas, which explores the person of his father, his relationship to Glenn, and the dynamics of their immigrant family. Vanitas is featured in Asijit Datta's article, "Spectral Lives and Stories".


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Published: 2024-01-06